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Why Luxdentica?

Luxdentica offers a full range of dental services including implantology at a very high level. We have extensive experience in the field of implantology, including complex treatment using a virtual computer planning. Our policy has appealed to great deal of patients. For the last few years we have implanted thousands of implants and we have restored thousands of smiles.

Free consultations.

We offer free consultations, during which our doctors will provide you with all possible treatment options and their costs. Together with you, we will plan the treatment and answer all your questions in detail.

Team of specialists.

We guarantee the highest quality medical services by highly qualified specialists in many areas.

Innovative technologies.

Our Clinic is well-equipped with modern equipment and devices, we use the latest technologies and implantation methods. We realise that implantology is the field of dental treatment that constantly evolves, therefore, our Clinic stays up to date.

Without pain and stress.

Dental treatment performed at Luxdentica is accompanied by neither stress nor pain. We use a computer anaesthesia The Wand during each procedure. If this is not enough for you , we can offer even more effective methods to eliminate the pain. We will also take care of your comfort while being at Luxdentica. Our patients highly appreciate the friendly atmosphere at our Clinic.

Modern diagnostic radiology.

At Luxdentica, we have one of the most advanced CT Scanners in Poland. It enables one to take very accurate pictures at the smallest possible dose of radiation. All the necessary tests are performed in accordance with the required principle ALARA.

Comprehensive dental consultations.

At our Clinic, an anaesthetist and a team of specialists from various fields of stomatology work together which is a great advantage. We can provide you with immediate implant treatment if you need it.

The highest standards of hygiene and safety.

We are aware of the fact that implant dentistry is the field in dentistry that requires special precautionary measures which is why we rigorously adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Every procedure is planned very carefully. We prepare to the treatment in accordance with strict procedures. All this in order to minimise the possibility of infection throughout the treatment.

Satisfying alternative.

We offer two types of dental implants: Optimum and Premium. They were selected from the implant market as the most optimal and assuring the highest standards, safety and functionality. If you are a very demanding patient we can offer you implants Premium which have unique qualities of surface structure that significantly expedite the healing process.


Aesthetic smile for everyone.

According to our experience, the most important issue in our patients' dental treatment is the aesthetic ultimate result. The aesthetic of your mouth and teeth influences your self confidence and the impression which you make with people. Aesthetic dentistry gives your teeth natural strength and beauty. We understand your needs, therefore, at Luxdentica we may use digital smile design to show you a virtual "before and after" of the proposed treatment options.

Guarantee and lending

We are confident of our specialists’ skills as well as our equipment and dental materials. Therefore, we give you „100% success” guarantee on implant treatment. Our implants are rejected extremely rarely, only in 2% of the cases. In situation like this, we will redo the procedure at our expense. In case of a second rejection you will get a 100% refund.

At Luxdentica Clinic you do not have to worry if you cannot afford to pay the total amount of money for the implant treatment. In that case, we can offer you very convenient ways of payments. We will give you all the information about the loans and will help you with all associated formalities.



You can even save up
to 50%


„100% success”


Starting implant treatment with us, you are always under „100% success” guarantee – it means that we take full responsibility for the implant process.





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